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Open and Affirming, CCMI Welcomes You!

No matter your faith, race, or orientation, all are welcome here.


At CCMI, we are an open and affirming community, inspired by inclusive beliefs and progressive values on a journey of compassion and justice.


Our building was designed by Don Frothingham, a Seattle architect, and completed in 1969. Built extensively from Pacific Northwest materials, the building was designed to take full advantage of natural lighting, and bring the trees and sky "into" the space.


During the design process, Don and our founding members had a vision – and a deep desire – for the building to be a home for community gatherings, including joy-filled wedding ceremonies and celebrations. This visualization led to the inclusion of an open staircase, perfect for a dramatic entrance from the upper level Cana Room (now our remodeled Bride's Suite).


Their dream has come alive again and again over the years as CCMI prides itself as a home for ceremony and celebration, and a place for creating memories of a lifetime. And now, we’d like to welcome you!


To learn more about the Congregational Church on Mercer Island, visit us at

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