Personalize Your Wedding with Our Recommended Vendors

Jeff Church Design

Here at CCMI, we recognize that every wedding is unique and personal. The flowers and decor you choose speak volumes...telling your story. Selecting the right florist is one of the most important decisions you will make.


To help you with that all-important decision, we’d like to recommend Jeff Church Design.  Jeff is our go-to florist and knows the space well. He’s been creating event and floral designs since 2004 - first with Tom Douglas Catering and Events - prior to branching out on his own in 2007. 


Jeff would be thrilled to help you capture your unique vision - guiding you through the design and flower selection process and transforming your chosen space into a wedding wonderland, bringing that vision - your dream and your story - to life...all within your budget.


See what Jeff can do...


Glenda Williams, Pianist 

Glenda Williams has been the resident pianist at CCMI for many years, and has participated in numerous weddings. She is experienced in both classical and popular music, and would love to help you find just the right music for your ceremony. An accomplished accompanist, Glenda would be happy to meet with your soloist, or  help you find the perfect musician for your joyous occasion.